Dietary and Behavioral Consulting

What your pet eats and how they behave (in the family setting or out in public) is a part of everyday life, each day of your pet's life. Discussing pet nutrition and treats with the professionals at Crooked Creek give you the knowledge to make powerful decisions for your pet’s short term and long term health. Poor nutrition leaves pets susceptible to skin problems, digestive problems, weight issues, heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes and other health concerns.

Pets that fit well into a family's everyday life are happier and well adjusted. The veterinary professionals at Crooked Creek are a great source of information about general pet behavior, training tips and resources for correcting unwanted pet behaviors. Since some undesirable behaviors can be directly linked to an illness, any change in a pet's behavior should be brought to the attention of your veterinarian. Our hospital team has the experience to assist you in uncovering any underlying illness and getting your pet the help he or she needs to recover and get back to the being the great family companion you love.